‘Just resign’: David Letterman calls Trump presidency ‘an experiment that didn’t work’

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In an interview with Howard Stern Last Wednesday,  TV pioneer and retired “Late Show” host David Letterman claimed that President Donald Trump’s election has been an “experiment” that has failed and that at the moment “it’s time to go.”

The Hill reported Thursday that Letterman insisted that Trump should resign and step down.

“It was an experiment. We put an outsider in the office. Well, it hasn’t worked. Just resign,” added Letterman.

The 70-year-old host claimed that Trump’s bad deal with Charlottesville events has shown the world the mettle of our president and the sooner he leaves office the better. Waiting for the Mueller investigation or for Congressional Republicans to grow a spine will be too time-consuming and messy.

“The impeachment thing will take forever and may not end with a conviction,” he continued, saying that possibly Trump’s family could persuade him that he’s still president while silently taking him away of power.

“You just get together some people, like his sons, Don Jr. and Don Jr. Get those two guys together. Probably Regis [Philbin], put him on the panel. And Gary Busey. And his daughter, the youngest one, Trumpina,” said Letterman.

“And just go to him and have him sign some papers and just move him down to Mar-a-Lago. They’ll build a little Oval Office for him down there. ‘No, you’re still president, dad,’” he claimed.




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