Prince Harry says Donald Trump ‘should not hold his breath’ for an invitation to his wedding

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The British Royal Wedding is set for May 19, but President Trump may not want to save the date just yet. When asked if he has received an invitation, Trump said “not that I know of.”

The president called the two a “lovely couple” and wished them the best, even after hearing that Markle had criticized him in the past. “I want them to be happy, I actually would like them to be happy,” Trump said.

yet, in spite of those nice words, Prince Harry is privately highly serious of Trump, with US Weekly reporting earlier this year that he “is not a fan” of Trump.

Prince Harry thinks “Trump should possibly put a little pencil mark in his diary, but not hold his breath,” royal biographer Duncan Larcombe tells

“If the Obamas turned up and Donald Trump was snubbed, then that would cause problems for the British government in terms of foreign diplomacy and the special relationship [between the U.S. and the U.K],” Larcombe explains. “Harry and Meghan wouldn’t want their wedding overshadowed by that.”

Aside from political allegiances, the royal biographer says Trump may not be invited because he simply does not have a personal relationship with Harry.

“At William and Kate’s wedding they were all kinds of celebrities there—Elton John and David Beckham. Hollywood and the royals have a long association going back very many decades.”

Other foreign royals who attended William and Kate’s wedding, like the Queen of Denmark, the Crown Princess of Sweden, the Queen of Spain and others, are also expected to attend.

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