Robert Reich urges Tillerson to get together with other officials to oust Trump from office

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Ex- U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich insisted on besieged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to not leave his job, but to get together with other administration officials to oust President Donald Trump from office.

“I can understand why you feel Washington is a place of ‘petty nonsense,’ as you said Wednesday when you called a news conference,” Reich said in an open letter to Tillerson published Friday on Facebook.

He continued, “I’m also reasonably sure you called him a moron, which doesn’t make Washington any less petty. You probably called him a moron because almost all of us out here in the rest of America routinely call him that.”

And while there are undoubtedly more important issues to cope with than who called who a moron, Reich wrote, the question would not have made the headlines “if there weren’t deep concerns about the President’s state of mind to begin with.”

“The reason your moronic comment about Trump made the headlines is that Trump really is a moron, in the sense you probably meant it: He’s impulsive, mercurial, often cruel, and pathologically narcissistic. Some psychologists who have studied his behavior have concluded he’s a sociopath,” Reich said.

“I urge you not to resign,” he said. “America and the world need sane voices speaking into the ear of our Narcissist-in-Chief. As Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee said recently, it’s you, Mattis, and Kelly who ‘help separate our country from chaos.’”

“Quietly meet with Mattis, Kelly, and Vice President Pence. Come up with a plan for getting most of the cabinet to join in a letter to Congress saying Trump is unable to discharge the duties of his office,” Reich urged. “Under the 25th Amendment, that would mean Trump is fired.

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