Jim Bakker Says, “If Jesus Told Me Trump Is ‘With Russia,’ I’d Ask Trump To Confirm”

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Jim Bakker claimed that if Jesus Christ said Trump colluded with Russia, he would still have to ensure with Donald Trump to make if it was true.

“If Jesus Christ gets down off the cross and told me Trump is with Russia, I would tell him, ‘Hold on a second. I need to check with the president if it’s true,’” said Mark Lee, one of six Trump voters to appear on a CNN panel Monday morning.

He said he believes in Trump and his mission of “draining the swamp.”

“Trump is there for the small guy, he’s there for people like myself,” Lee said.

Lee described the “swamp” as, “the mainstream, the elites that look down on a guy like me.

Ruben Estrada, another panelist, also spoke about the importance of draining the swamp of political elites, referring specifically to the House and Senate.

“You make it more accountable to the people,” Estrada said.

Lee said that he doesn’t believe having multimillionaires in Trump’s Cabinet is counterproductive to Trump’s “drain the swamp” message.

“I love that,” he said. “They’re not politicians.”