Hillary Clinton: ‘Bad Things Are Happening To Our Country, I Don’t Think That Trump Is Going To Finish His Term’ (VIDEO)

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 Lately on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said that the Republican policies are creating flames of “white supremacy and misogyny and homophobia.”


Clinton was asked if President Trump is going to finish his term, and she stated, “I can’t predict it, but I believe that it really does come down both to the investigation that’s going on and to whether Republicans will decide that they have to put our country before their party. And I hope that enough of them will decide to do that.”


She continued, “It’s disturbing, and it’s obviously upsetting to me because I see things happening around the world that are bad for our country that are dangerous that really pose a threat.”


“And then I see all this happening inside our country when they push through this tax plan — it’s going to hurt so many people. Look, it’s going to help a lot of really rich people—who they care about, that’s who their donors are—but it’s going to hurt.”


“I mean can you imagine taking away the deduction for a teacher who buys supplies for their classrooms—I mean who thinks like that? And so there is a lot that is going to end up hurting people.”


She added, “So I think there will be an—the investigation will go on, and that will lead where it leads.”

“But at some point, Republicans who control the Congress have to say, ‘You know, we don’t want this to go on, we have to investigate.’ Or we have to win back the House and Senate next November, which is something I hope we do, and then we can get back to doing the people’s business.”

Source: uberconservative.com