Jim Bakker Says Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault Are Not Attractive Enough To Be Believed

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Jim Bakker says that the sexual assault allegations against President Trump that three women brought forward earlier this week aren’t credible, partially because Jones does “not think these women are attractive.”


Yesterday on Infowars, he theorized that Democrats forced a few of their own to step down from powerful roles after sexual assault allegations were made with the plan to then “go after Trump with their made-up stuff.”


“They have Megyn Kelly with these women that say that he asked them out or tried to give them their number, or one had been rude to him on an airplane so he called her the C-word, in one case 30 years ago,” Jim said. “Another woman says, this is like 11 or 12 years ago, he asked for her phone number.”

He then focused on the women’s looks.

“And I’m sorry. She’s not Trump’s type. I do not think these women are attractive. Trump is a complete perfectionist when it comes to women and just none of it fits,” Jim said.

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